Won’t you be my (compassionate) neighbor?


To say that I was dismayed in reading the article about the litigious actions taken by the group of members calling themselves the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant Residents for Fair Assessment is putting it mildly.

A lawsuit effectively suing yourselves and your fellow Covenant community homeowners does not sound “right neighborly” at all. And who are the 50 complainants? Why was there no name affixed to the “group spokesperson”? 

The RSF Association assessment policy is clearly defined and agreed to in writing during the purchase process. What is “unfair” is that we privileged souls get to live here and the rest of the world does not.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our historical community is not like and cannot be compared to any other, such as Emerald Bay which is a much newer master-planned endeavor.

May the members of the RSF Covenants for Fair Assessment identify themselves so we have an open conversation. We should be discussing how to improve our property values by millions of dollars rather than subjecting ourselves to a foolish fight over what has been part of our collective agreement since each of us decided to move to this glorious place.

Janet Lawless Christ
Covenant Resident and Realtor