A Wonderful Customer Experiance


Last Saturday I had the consummate delight of dealing with a car sales person (that’s right — don’t hear that often!) who absolutely blew me away with kindness, proficiency and honesty. When I was choosing the options for my new Porsche Macan (lucky me…) Julie Aquilino at Porsche of San Diego ACTUALLY coached me on the best possible choices for ME even when they were NOT the highest priced options! For that I want to sing her praises from the highest mountain and refer Julie to ANYONE who is even mildly thinking of purchasing a Porsche! Here are a few words from Julie herself! I want you to call her directly at: 917 685 3865. You will be glad you did!

“Coming from humble beginnings has given me profound appreciation for all that I have accomplished. Starting in the food services industry taught me how to deal with the general public, and trained me masterfully for the art of sales. Success has smiled on me for many years in the automotive business, specializing in complicated German franchises since 1997. Bridging the mutually satisfying gap between buyers (my clients) and sellers (my employer) is my specialty. Having the privilege to serve my clients for life, the ultimate goal.” – Julie Aquilino

Janet Lawless Christ
“Be the Best. Do the Most.”