Virtual Technology That’s A “Game-Changer” For The Real Estate Industry


By Janet Lawless Christ

My team and I are extremely excited to inform you about a new dimension in our marketing technology that we deliver to our listing clients, and it’s called Vantage Guide. This virtual technology allows buyers to interactively assess every angle in all rooms of a house, while also helping with their space planning. 
Vantage Guide - New Real Estate Technology - 6550 Paseo Delicias - Rancho Santa fe ca 92067

With complete control from the mouse, users can literally select certain sections (represented by the green circles) of the home and look up, down, and around (represented by gray shadow). They also have the ability to quickly print Floor Plans in .pdf format.

In addition to the enhanced 360 Degree Views, Panoramic Video, Custom Image Capture, Compass, Photo Gallery, and Neighborhood Maps, quite possibly the most powerful part of this technology is that the “Measure” tool. Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.09.11 PM

Imagine yourself evaluating real estate online and thinking “I wonder if that room could fit our huge dining table?” Well with Vantage Guide you can now click and drag the mouse to get the answers to that question immediately with precision down to the final inch.

Amazing stuff right?

As someone who has been involved in the evolution of real estate marketing over the past 30 years, I can honestly say that this is a “Game-Changer” for all parties involved in any transaction and I am ecstatic that we currently have exclusive use of the technology in the Rancho Santa Fe market.

Below are examples and we encourage you to play around with them, or view them on any listing on our website. Just like all things in life, many people find it to be extremely easy to use once they figure it out.

(*Click here for a quick tutorial on how to Vantage Guides*)

We’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have any questions/confusion then don’t hesitate to reach out directly at (858) 335-7700.


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