Top 5 Videos Showcasing San Diego


by Brennan Perry

There must be something in the water in San Diego because it seems to attract some extremely creative and talented individuals, whether it’s the locals who get to spend their days in this paradise or it’s the visitors who come here seeking adventure and exploration.

As a real estate company, we try to share the natural beauty of the land as well as all the fun things to do in San Diego and it’s surrounding areas.

In doing so, we have compiled the 5 Best Videos that we feel best showcase how amazing America’s Finest City truly is.

1.) America’s Finest Timelapse

Captured by XOXO Wedding Studio

This might be the best timelapse compilation of San Diego that you will ever see. The creator(s) just so happen to be a wedding photography and videography company and judging by this video we’d imagine their clients are very happy with the work they do.

2.) Above San Diego

Created by Jeff Morris

Over 98 drone flights and 10 hours filming, Jeff Morris managed to capture some beautiful outdoor San Diego scenery that most natives have probably never seen.

3.) Good Morning, San Diego!

Created by Eladio Arvelo

All the scenes in Eladio Arvelo’s video were captured around sunrise over a period of four months.

4.) Frames of San Diego

Captured by Simone Lucchini

Simone Lucchini spent two weeks adventuring in San Diego and this is all he has to show for it…

5.) Happiness is Calling You To San Diego

Created by San Diego Tourism Authority

Just because it always feels like a vacation…


Which video was your favorite? Share your thoughts and let us know if you there are any hidden gems that we missed!

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