The Divot – October 2015 Social Events At Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club


By Janet Lawless Christ

(*This was originally published as the Social Article for October 2015 issue of The DIVOT – Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club’s monthly newsletter.)

Rancho Santa Fe GOlf CLub Divot 2015 October - - Janet Lawless Christ

If you are reading this article that’s a very good indication that you did NOT succumb to the skin-singing sweltering summer season. Bravo and consider yourself to be a medical miracle!

And unlike many years when we wistfully and regrettably bid a reticent farewell to the hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer, this year be are tickled to death to send summer packing like an unwanted houseguest after 3 days. And to make autumn even more jubilant, our fair Club, thanks to its ever-attentive and creative staff along with the giving and generous volunteer committees have come up with an array of events that are sure to put a smile on your face IF YOU ATTEND!

Right out of the gate we will be graced with an outdoor concert by the Beatles cover band,”Britain’s Finest”! Likely by the time you get around to reading this DIVOT the event will be over, so I will gaze into the future for the purposes of this article and report with utter accuracy that the evening was magical and mystical (just like the Beatles tour that likely nobody in attendance can remember…)!

On October 8 we shall witness this year’s second foray into the wonderful world of dining with a FARM to Table dinner. Executive Chef Brian Freerksen and Special Event Specialist Deryn Fuller will be working with local farmers to bring us an amazing, fresh and fabulous dinner with dazzling wine pairings. I personally promise you that this will be a glorious evening under the sunset sky with a long farmers table, sensational organic decorations, music and merriment! Do yourself a favor and sign up before it is sold out because it surely will sell out!

On October 16 there will be a complimentary wine tasting, and on October 23 we will again belly up to the bar for a complimentary beer tasting. Why? Because we have a moral and fiscal responsibility to keep the world economy going by tasting then purchasing copious amounts of wine and beer. Stand tall and be proud of your public service Rancho Santa Fe!

Then to continue with our high minded, world-rescuing wine consumption, Juan Blanchard, Food and Beverage Director Extraordinaire is bringing us a Ruffino Wine Dinner. And isn’t it touching that the Ruffino Winery’s slogan is “Wine and life …They are as inseparable as the sun and the warmth it brings.” Kind of brings a tear to the eye doesn’t it?

Of course there are a thousand other reasons for you to frequent the Club. It will bring a smile to your face and a warm joyous feeling to your heart. (Or is that the wine talking???)

Speaking of smiling …9 out of 10 doctors agree that the average person looks 793% more attractive when they smile. It’s a fact. Not to mention healthier, wiser, slimmer, richer and cooler. They do. Just saying … and they saunter a little sassier whilst smiling!

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