How To Stop Credit Bureaus From Selling Your Info


Get On The “Do Not Call List”

So as most of us already know, there is a realDo-Not-Call “Do Not Call List” that the government set up a couple years back. When your phone number is on the do not call list, telemarketers are not allowed to call you or they can get an $11,000 fine. Just this alone has dramtically cut down on telemarketers (think back to the home phone ringing off the hook during dinner in the 1990’s)

If you want to be on this list then visit:

Stop The Big 3 Credit Bureaus

The real reason we wrote this blog post however is to share with you that there is a real “Do Not Send Me Junk Credit Card and Junk Mortgage” offers List.

In reality, big credit bureaus sell your credit info to credit card and mortgage companies, despite not having your permission. Then comes the confusing letters, most of which try to lead you to believe that they are your current credit card or mortgage company.

There has been a legitimate pushback from consumers to get the big 3 credit bureau companies, Transunion, Equifax, and Experian to stop selling your information, because as of now they are getting big money from private companies for these valuable leads.

Visit the website¬† so that you can tell them to stop. When you go to the website, choose the 5 year opt out and if you take the time to read it you may find it quite interesting as it seems that they will sell it to just about anyone who’s willing to pay for it. One member of our team has already signed up and has seen a significant reduction in unwanted calls/ mailers. On top of it all, doing this may actually¬†raise you credit score because the computer systems see it as the responsible thing to do.

Hope this helps and let us know if you have any questions.Written by Brennan Perry

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