“A-MAY-ZING” Social Events This May In Rancho Santa Fe


by Janet Lawless Christ

Each time I finally (and WAY past deadline) settle down to write the social article for our dandy little DIVOT I carefully caution myself to take a deep breath and attempt – at all costs – to NOT effervesce so much.  And month after month I fail miserably at NOT gushing over all the magical and joyous activities our Club creates for our merriment! (Perhaps it might help curb my enthusiasm if I didn’t dress in my high school cheerleader’s outfit whilst writing the article — but it seems so appropriate!)

Rancho Santa Fe GOlf Course Social Activities - Janet Lawless ChristAs we herald in May and the Summer Season I am “a-may-zed” at the plethora of flat-out fun social activities that are ours for the taking!

Out of the gate, on Cinco de Mayo (which just so happens to fall on May 5th this year…) the Club will be abuzz throughout the day with lunch and dinner specials, drink specials and music all with a South of the Border swagger.  Of course the regular menu will still be available for any of you who go out of their way not to be too terribly fun and festive.

On Thursday May 7, our long-awaited Winemaker Dinner featuring Paul Michael of the Peter Michael Winery will dazzle the limited number of attendees with a stunning four course dinner paired with wines that resonate the glories of the mountain vineyard, classic winemaking and limited production.

And just when you think you may have a reprieve from wines, we will be treated on Friday May 8th to a wine tasting overlooking the 18th green on one of the most delightful verandas in the Western Hemisphere. (Really – I have done extensive fact checking on this.)

We will be giving our internal organs a bit of time to recover and dry out before our next “Get Smart” speaker series on May 19th.  Why? Because the speaker will be Dr. David Clayton (who looks quite fetching, I’m just reporting the facts…). Apart from the movie star good looks, which is enough of a reason to attend, Dr. Clayton will be sharing sharing insights into what makes a healthy diet truly healthy. Now I cannot be sure, but I am guessing that the good (…and did I mention that he is a stud?) Dr’s 5 simple dietary rules that can have a significant effect on everything from aging to hypertension to Alzheimers do NOT include a daily intake of copious amounts of wine and heaping helpings of Chef Freerksens’ bread pudding. But like Ben Franklin said, “I am wrong approximately 50% of the time.” Maybe this is one of them.

And in our never-ending quest to weave wine consumption into every social activity known to humanity, we will be introducing a “”Painting and Pinot al Fresco” class on May 27!  Think of how much more creative your artistic talent will be after a glass or two of wine.  It’s bound to be hilarious at least!

Then the very next night Chef Brian will be teaming with local farmers to present a fresh and fantastic “Farm to Table” sunset dinner – all in the comforts of our very own Club!

Beyond May we will be bedazzled with a June 12 concert by the original Diamonds who have been beguiling audiences since the 50’s!  This is a sure sell out with reserved seating on a first come basis, so call the Club ASAP and tell them you are in!  Better yet, bring some friends along as well. As dusk settles in we will all be on our feet dancing to the multi-faceted tunes of the Diamonds.  And of course there will be a no-host bar!

Our Golf Fore Fun Sip and Swing Friday evening series will commence in mid-June and run each Friday through August.  But I’ll tell you more about that in next month’s DIVOT because my cheerleading outfit is getting tight and I need to take a deep breath soon or I just might pass out.

Let it be known that we are the luckiest people on the face of the Earth and joy pays dividends. So let’s invest in it with enthusiasm, answer the call and come out to the best, “Joy Luck Club” ever!

Article originally written in the May 2015 edition of The Divot, a monthly newsletter for members of the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club

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