Safety Tips For Realtors


Safety tips for realtors

Let’s face it folks, as real estate professionals we put ourselves at risk everytime we arrange to meet strangers in isolated places, which unfortunately can serve as a vulnerable location for an attack. (See the killing of Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter)

According the the Bureau of Labor and Statistics there have been over 75 work related mortalities every year since 2008.

It’s unfortunate that writing this blog post comes in light of Mrs. Carter’s unfortunate murder, however we must all now re-evaluate our approach to our day to day schedules.

Here are some tips when dealing with private house showings or open houses:

  • Use the buddy system. Always have someone at the office who knows where you’re at or bring a co-worker.
  • Meet clients at the office before agreeing to do private showings.
  • Position yourself strategically. Always let clients proceed in front of you during a private tour.
  • Know the neighborhood. Be aware of safety concerns in the area prior to showing up.
  • Unlock all exit doors prior to a showing.

What NOT To Put On Your Social Media Profiles

  • Don’t use “glamour shots” or anything remotely provocative in nature.
  • Never post your home address or home phone number

By taking a proactive approach we can hopefully prevent horrendous events like this from ever happening again. Please spread the word.

By Brandon Taitano
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Brandon Taitano is an Escrow Officer with West Coast Escrow and works with many real estate agents in the San Diego region. If you or anyone you know needs escrow service, call Brandon at 858-578-7323 or message him on LinkedIn

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