CarTurner: Patented Solution To Dangerous Driveways


by Janet Lawless Christ

Some of the select luxury or coastal homes for sale in north county San Diego can be situated on unique properties that have a challenge accessing the garage. The homeowners who enjoy these luxury estates have experienced the challenges of navigating a sports car or SUV into a tight parking space, not to mention reversing to the street is asking for even more trouble for the residents (*Unfortunately 100+ children are killed every year in the United States alone from accidents of this nature)

CarTurner Luxury Coastal Home Driveway SolutionLuckily a San Diego based company has pioneered a quality, affordable, simple-to-install and easily-maintained solution to this problem, and it’s called CarTurner.

Picture yourself driving onto an auto turntable (just like what you may see at many luxury auto dealerships) in the comfort of your own garage or narrow/ crowded driveway, turning the car around with the click of a button (available on a remote or a smartphone app), and suddenly your are facing out for an easy exit.

CarTurner’s new patented ultra slim design technology is only 3 inches high that requires no engineer, no concrete work, no permit, and from a real estate standpoint it can add tremendous value to the residence in less than 3 hours

As a luxury realtor with over 30 years of residential real estate experience, I have seen so many potential real estate sales fall through simply because of the potential risks that the driveway or parking presents and I am grateful that this technology is now readily accessible to my clients, buyers and sellers alike.

Product SpecificationsCarTurner Luxury Coastal Home Driveway Solution

Mirror Finish: $12,900
Brushed FInish: $11,900
Powder-Coat Finish: $11,900
(*Prices Include Installation)

Diameter: Footprint – 15’ 4”
Turning Surface: 13’ 4”
(*Fits all passenger cars with the exception of full size Rolls Royce)
Height: 3” for surface mount, all production cars can drive straight on (Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, etc.)

  • No foundation work required for standard surface mount.
  • Flush-Mount kit available, kit includes needed forms.
  • Total Installation time is approximately 3 hours.
  • All Material is Stainless Steel. Powder Coat can be non-skid or smooth texture, any color

Electrical/ Contoller:
Power Converter plugs into a standard 110v outlet, converts to 24 volts DC.
Programmable Wireless controller, allowing up to 10 settings.

Weight Limit: 10,000 lbs
Slope Abilities: 10% grade
Designed for Indoor and Outdoor use.

Warranty: Complete 3 year

Upgrade Options:
Brushless Motor Package for continuous use: $400
Smartphone/ Tablet Wi-Fi Interface: $225
Noise Attenuation: $400
Flush Mount: $500

*CarTurner Factory Built in the USA

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Here is a video of Jay Leno using the CarTurner for one of his prized automobiles:

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