Official Arts Alive Unveiling


Hello Artists,

We hope each and every one of you will be able to join us to personally present your banner at the Official Arts Alive Unveiling on March 5th at The Leichtag Commons from 12-3 pm!

Once the banners are revealed, silent auction bidding begins! Bidding will continue throughout the spring while the banners are displayed on Coast Highway 101. The program will conclude with the Live Auction in May or June (the date is still TBD).

All artists and your guests will need to be registered by name to attend the event. Please click here to register and reserve your free ticket. You can forward this email and invite link to any friends or family who would like to attend. Make sure each person who plans to attend has a ticket registered in their name before they show up on March 5th. I know it’s tedious to enter multiple guests but it is required by the venue. Quantity is limited so the sooner you reserve your tickets, the better!

The Leichtag Commons is located at 441 Saxony Road and the Unveiling will take place in Barn 2. More information is available on the invite link above. Please arrive as close to 12 pm as possible as the unveiling happens soon after!

We are looking forward to a spectacular celebration with you!