The Divot – November 2015 Social Events At Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club


by Janet Lawless Christ

Give Thanks for All Good Things Happening at the Club!

JAnet Lawless Christ Social Event Article

For the record, daytime TV is not my cup of tea. However, once I happened to “overhear” a Dr. Phil show when he responded to a panelist complaining that she was “bored” with her life. Without missing a beat, Dr. Phil in his best Vearl Smith drawl replied, “Bored people are boring!”  And indeed, if you are reading this article – and the evidence seems to indicate that clearly you are – you more than likely have open access to a bevy of broadranging activities this month at the RSF Golf Club that are sure to stave off boredom at every turn!

The days may be growing shorter, but the list of Club activities is off the charts! November is no month to stay home and feign boredom.  It’s the perfect month to give thanks for your lucky life and join your friends and neighbors in all sorts of shenanigans!  Take your pick! Our Fair Club is showcasing everything from Bridge lessons (…those would be for the brainier ones) to Golf Fore Fun (…those would be for those  – shall we say – less “burdened” with intelligence) to cooking lessons (…those would be for the ones who like to pretend they are cooking all the while sipping wine and waiting for Chef Brian to bring out a professionally created version of the meal) to Jazz and Dinner Night (…those are for the true party animals – or so I am told.)

“Extreme Wellness” is the name of the game if you want to live a life that is long, happy and uber-healthy — so that you can come to the Club 137 times a week or more!  And it all starts with a healthy, sustainable diet.  Going “Paleo” is the rage – and that means eating and COOKING with natural, non-processed ingredients! More of us are jumping on that bandwagon each day and LOVING IT! On November 12 at 5PM our rock star Chef Brian will team with Dr. Dave Clayton to teach us how to cook delicious – with a Paleo twist!  Trust me – you will be amazed at how tasty and easy it is! Space is VERY limited so make your reservation sooner than soon!

I would love to expound on the intricacies of our new Bridge lessons, socials and dinners, but I cannot because I cannot sit still enough to play Bridge. What I can do is inform you to check the calendar for the various lesson times and also sign up for the Bridge Dinner on Friday November 20.  Some wizards named Scott and Jane Farr (Imagine a married couple wherein BOTH are highly intelligent!) from “Better Bridge by Farr” will facilitate play and score the game!

The right around the corner is (dare I say it ?) Thanksgiving! And this year we ALL have a great deal for which to be thankful! Starting with the fact that we survived summer weather that was trying to literally fry us to death! What better way to celebrate than to give yourself the day off from cooking and enjoy a wonderful array of your Holiday favorites while our kitchen staff slaves over a hot stove? Seating will be from 1:00pm5:30pm and the buffet is open to all Association members and their guests!

And in the blink of an eye is December and all the glistening wonder that Season of Joy brings. So brush off any notion of being bored. That’s an impossibility – as long as you look to the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club for all things fun and fascinating! You will be a better, snappier person for it.  Dr. Phil agrees…


(*This was originally published as the Social Article for November 2015 issue of The DIVOT – Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club’s monthly newsletter.)

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