As a whole, The Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe is so much more than just a “community”.  I know I am preaching to the choir here, but sometimes it helps to be reminded of all the wonders that fill our day-to-day life in this happy little hamlet…


We just don’t “own” property — we “BELONG” to a marvelous Association and area that offers us hiking and horse trails, lovely common area landscaping, a private security Patrol, The Osuna Ranch, The Arroyo (…Ever been there?), the highly desirable R. Roger Rowe School, a tennis club and in the heart of it all we have the RSF Golf Club. A Club where EVERY Association member is welcome to snack, dine, wine and savor the scene with their neighbors from all generations.


Indeed, we are so much MORE than a Golf Club! We are a robust social experience (Sometimes it seems like a social experiment that would make a ratings-rich reality TV show, but I digress.) that is inclusive of many diverse folks.


As part of the outreach program that the House Committee continually champions, we recently invited a handful of “Member-Moms” to a pow-wow so we could gather their insight, desires and sage advice on family-friendly social activities.  The result was beyond out wildest dreams.  The likes of Lea Clay Park, Amy Meier, Stacey Pennington, Krista Braun Young, Lisa Brown, Amy Fallmer, Kristin Moss and Sarah Neal somehow found time in their incredibly wild schedules to join us and share their ideas. And ideas there were a’plenty!


As a result. we are exploring a host of ongoing outdoor activities and special-themed events where families with young kids can learn to love the game of golf while also benefiting by the social benefits of Club membership.


What’s next?  We would like to do it again, and invite more interested members to join the conversation.  Let’s be clear.  We KNOW full well how hard it is to be a parent of young children. We absolutely ARE NOT asking them t roll up their sleeves and  put on the events!  All we want is input …the good, the bad and the ugly.


Our goal? That’s as clear as our fresh air after a rain storm. Above all else we want our Club to fulfill the social desires of members of all ages. We want to create an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome and regarded.


When Walt Disney designed Disneyland he wanted it to be “The Happiest Place on Earth”. And about 30 years earlier when Lilian Rice conceived of The Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe she envisioned a “Garden Retreat” …”The Land of Contentment”. Indeed our first family advisory group meet-and-greet took a giant step in the right direction toward better realizing Lillian Rice’s dream …and our dream as well.


If anyone is interested in participating in the next brainstorming session (date and time TBD) please call or e mail “The Notorious”  Shanon McCarthy 756-1182 or  The more the merrier!


Janet Lawless Christ

“Be the Best. Do the Most.”