May 2017 DIVOT


This Lusty Month of May is Abounding with Magic!

A bottle of red, a bottle of white, 

It all depends upon your appetite.

While that might evoke fond memories of one of the 8,768 smash hits by Billy Joel, it now is a welcome reality on Thursday evenings at The Club! 

Thanks to yet another stroke of utter genius by Chef Joey and our Food and Beverage Director Juan Blanchard, Thursday nights are now “Italian Nights at The Club” (…perhaps their creative genius can work on a catchier title?). Of course the regular menu is still available for those of you who cannot deem to pry yourselves away from your usual calves liver and onions. But if you lust for Italian food as so MANY of us do, you must mosey on down and try ANY of the delicious and delectable array of fine Italian options that Chef conjures up!   Do you know he makes his own pasta? And it literally melts in your mouth! I caught some members tearing up with joy (…and it wasn’t the wine)!

And speaking of wine, if (or more appropriately WHEN) you order any Italian wine on Thursdays it is priced so reasonably that it’s cheaper than staying home …and it is NOT an exaggeration!

Ah… that’s amore!

On Saturdays, Chef and Juan have conjured up a “Pairings” menu that is so out of this world! As you are entertained by live piano music, you can either once again order your “go-to calves liver and onions” or something else from our dynamic menu or you can venture outside the box and opt for the pairing menu! It consists of a sumptuous first course, entree and desert with the option to partake in Juan’s special wine pairing for each! 

The Club has so much to offer (…in addition to that sacred  calves liver with onions) that you can and SHOULD make it a regular stop. For both Italian Night and Pairing Night the menu items will change on a weekly basis but the creativity and fresh seasonal nature will remain magical!

Check out the special announcements and make The Club your “Option A” for dining, entertaining and simply enjoying the passing of time! From Cinco de Mayo to “The Wonderful World of Pearls” luncheon to Mother’s Day Brunch to wine tastings and A Super-Sized Family Night, The Club is a “happening place” this month. 

The only question remains is, “Will be part of the happening crowd”…

A bottle or white, 

A bottle of red,

Perhaps a bottle of rose instead.

We’ll greet you anytime you want,

At our beloved restaurant.

(…and bar)

(…and patio)