Lunch with the famous Billy Dean


by Janet Lawless Christ

How often do you get to have lunch with one of your absolute favorite singing and song-writing stars?

Well I got to – yesterday I had lunch at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club with Billy Dean (nephew of Jimmy Dean) and his wife, Stephanie,and his daughter Hannah. Billy has been a big favorite musician of mine for a long time and “Billy Dean Radio” is a popular Pandora selection in our household.

He is an amazing human being, wrote the song “Somewhere In My Broken Heart” and “We Just Disagree”. He is so personable and soon he will be doing some charity work throughout the Rancho Santa Fe community with us and we will keep you updated aboput that.

If you have a minute, take a listen to some of his tunes. I think you’ll like what you hear, I know I do…

Lunch with Billy Dean - Janet Lawless Christ - Rancho Santa Fe Realtor
(From Left): Stephanie Dean, Billy Dean, Hannah Dean, Janet Lawless Christ, Mary-Ann Smith,

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