Local Heroes and Angels in Rancho Santa Fe


Rancho-Santa-Fe-Patrol-HeroesIt happened this week. Another amazing example of human kindness and caring that absolutely blew me away thus making me even prouder and eternally grateful to be part of this town and my real estate team!

Just after 10 AM on Wednesday morning I received a call that there was a possible break-in at my home. (Of course this had to happen when my 6’5” son was on duty as an Encinitas Life Guard and my 6’1” husband was playing golf with his pals.) As I drove home, hoping that it was a false alarm, I realized that once I drove up my steep and oh-so-long driveway, that I would be on my own, with virtually no neighbor around to hear cries for help if I encountered any trouble.

As a Realtor, I am painfully aware of how “at risk” people in my profession can be if they disregard their gut instinct and venture into a vulnerable situation. So I casually (with my heart pounding a mile a minute) called Gina DiDonato, my marketing guru and “go-to-gal extraordinaire” at my Coldwell Banker office in the Village. I asked her to stay on the phone with me as I approached my home and checked out the situation.

Gina (who always is barraged with deadlines and better things to do than babysitting me on the phone) generously stayed on the line as I discovered that apparently one of my brawny men had simply neglected to lock a back door and it had blown open, triggering the alarm. Gina and I hung up the phone and I proceeded to make a late breakfast for myself then go outside on the patio to enjoy it under the sunny skies.

Many minutes later I heard my phone (which I had left on the kitchen counter) “pinging” that I had received a text message. Sweet Gina was checking in to ensure that I still was ok. Smiling and thanking God above for her, I texted back that all indeed was AOK. Then I noticed I had multiple missed calls as Gina had tried to call, recall and e mail me. Getting no response, she went to my Branch Manager, Steve Salinas who also then called and left me a voice mail saying that he was on red alert wondering about my well being.  I e mailed Gina to let her know that I was safe and sound.

Moments later my front doorbell rang. It was a tall, handsome officer from our Rancho Santa Fe Patrol. As it happened, Gina and Steve were not going to take any chance that fowl play had befallen me. Lickety split the Patrol dispatched one of their heroic own who arrived ready to protect and defend if necessary.

I rest my case. I love my team and I love my town. I love knowing that people have my back. I love knowing that there are angels and heroes among us!

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