List-to-Sell Ratio: Finding the Best Real Estate Agent in Rancho Santa Fe


When it comes to hiring the best real estate agent in Rancho Santa Fe, what exactly are the characteristics that a seller should look for? Is it knowledge of the area? Or, perhaps the realtor’s niche experience such as luxury or area sales? The truth is that while these factors can absolutely play a part in an agent’s success, it isn’t everything. In fact, when it comes to selling homes quickly and at top dollar, one of the greatest indicators of success is an agent’s list-to-sell ratio.

Best Real Estate Agent In Rancho Santa Fe
Best Real Estate Agent In Rancho Santa Fe

What is List-to-Sell Ratio?

For instance, if a home in Rancho Santa Fe lists for $3,000,000 and sells for $2,850,000, the list-to-sell ratio for that home would be 95 percent…

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