Because We’re Happy | 2014 Year In Review


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2014 was a memorable year to say the least.

In just 365 days we experienced moments at times were shocking, jaw-dropping, amazing, heart-warming, futuristic, terrifying, and down right unbelievable.

In an attempt to preserve some of these everlasting memories, we decided to create a video featuring all of our favorite clips from around the big wide beautiful world, as well as some of our favorites from right here in San Diego, CA to create our version of a ” People Are Awesome ” video for our friends and following. Oh, and of course, we had to overlay it to Pharrell Williams hit song, “Happy”.

A recent Gallup poll reporting that national optimism is at 87%, all of us at Janet Lawless Christ & Co. think that 2015 is going to be an extraordinary year of health, happiness and growing prosperity. And don’t we all deserve it! My team and I want to wish the a wonderful year indeed to our loyal clients and friends. We look forward to continuing in our determination of being the best and doing the most in our every endeavor. If there ever is anything we can do for you please know that we always are here for you.

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