“The Most Amazing Piece Of Clothing I’ve Ever Had” | Graced By Grit


It’s All About The Fabric…

I happened upon a new line of athletic / yoga / beach style clothes named Graced By Grit when I was at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club pro shop a short while back. At the time I was in a bind and needed a top, so I just grabbed it off the rack. Once I tried them on, I was loving every single aspect of the special fabric they use.
Graced By Grit - Best Yoga Clothes Ever

After purchasing the travel dress, I have now determined it to be the MOST AMAZING piece of clothing I ever have had. I think it has to do with it being one of those brands that somehow magically looks sensational on a wide array of body types and can go from being a swim suit coverup with flip flops to the incredibly comfortable chic dress for afternoon and evening events alike.

Graced By Grit Travel Dress

Did I say it was comfortable? 

Actually it redefines comfortable.  In fact after wearing my new GBG yoga capris to work-out 3 mornings a week, I decided to give away all my previous yoga wear and replace them with GBG. There’s no reason to settle for anything but sublime comfort.

(*See the GBG sizing chart here)

What I didn’t know was that Graced by Grit was formed by two local gals, Kim and Kate, who have their headquarters and first store in Solana Beach just about three minutes from my house. I met with them because I was fascinated by the name Graced by Grit and I truthfully just loved the fit and performance of the jacket I had purchased.

Here’s a little background on the amazing story of these gals:
– While forming the company they chose to source only materials, fabrics, and manufacturers that are based in the USA.
Very female driven.
– They have a kid’s line.
– They have girl’s course called Gritter Gals to protect girls and women from when they’re out running or walking. ( * A lot of this was based on the aftermath of the Chelsea King’s situation. I encourage you to look a little deeper at that story on their website.)

At the end of our meeting we decided that starting almost immediately I will be collaborating with Graced By Grit’s brand and social mission. In doing so I may be connecting them with community members and organizations that could benefit from their quality lines of yoga / active apparel. We could potentially also have trunk-shows at some of my open-houses on the weekends. There’s even a capacity for integrating them into the interesting speaker series at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club.

Lastly, I am very happy to report that Kate Santarsierri (The fabulous new Spa Director at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe) reached out to Graced by Grit after hearing my rave reviews and is brining the line to the brand new Boutique at The Spa!

All in all, If you have some free time this weekend then take a drive west down Lomas Santa Fe to Coast Highway 101 and head north to their retail store in Solana Beach, CA.

I’d be really interested to hear back if you have any thoughts 🙂

Onwards and upwards,
Janet Lawless Christ