A Very Merry Holiday Donation



Chuck Courtney and Janet Lawless Christ
Chuck Courtney and Janet Lawless Christ

At a recent “Very Merry Holiday Caravan” showcasing a gorgeous, luxury lodge-like home at 4476 Los Pinos, I was thrilled to award $1,100 to the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club Chuck Courtney Honorary Scholarship Fund named  “Future Legends”.

Future Legends grants scholarships to deserving but underprivileged scholars who wish to pursue their personal passion through higher education. Christ recently announced that a significant portion of her income through residential real estate shall be donated to support three of her cherished causes which are: Future Legends, Veterans Valor Fund supporting the Veterans Sustainable Agricultural Training Program at Archi’s Acres, and Breast Cancer Angels.

Mary-Ann Smith, Vearl Smith, Janet Lawless Christ

Click here to read the full article in the Rancho Santa Fe Review 

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