For As Rich As You Are, It’s Much Better To Be Fun At Heart


Buckle your seatbelts! The following information, (…which has a high statistical probability of being reprinted in an upcoming edition of the “Journal of the American Medical Association” – better known by highly educated scientific scholars like me as “JAMA”) is groundbreaking, eye-opening and flat out fantastic. Fantastic that is, to those of us who fancy having a good time.Fun-Happy-Heart-Nice

Here is the breaking news. At long last, medical research has confirmed that having fun along with being happy and nice releases a heretofore undiscovered protein (…the actual name of which escapes me – but stay with me on this one) in the brain that releases impulses to the physical body to stave off aging and exhibit signs of one of my favorite medical conditions called “YSA” (or “Younger Than Stated Age” And yes, I  DO HAVE  a “favorite medical conditions ranking system”. Doesn’t everyone?).

The empirical data is irrefutable. Tripping the light fantastic at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club for all things fun (…which is NOT defined as 4 + hours of agony and club-flinging on the golf course followed by a complimentary, yet refreshing glass of water as you shuffle out the door) is good for your health and longevity. That should be all I need to say, but in case you have just returned from an extended journey on the space station, let me quickly list some of the new and oh-so-improved summertime social happenings at the RSF Golf Club!

On Sundays we have brunch by day and evening barbeques – fun for all ages!  In fact last Sunday there was a real, live clown at the barbeque who was making balloon animals and painting faces! (Don’t worry; she didn’t scare too many adults!)

On Wednesdays 4:00 – 6:30 there is whimsical and wonderful live music on the veranda along with a new, irresistible happy hour noshing menu (Yes, with VERY economical pricing!) and rocking specialty drinks adroitly blended and delivered with a broad smile by our newest mixologist, Anthony!

Each Friday between 11:30 – 2:00 Fiesta Friday at the snack shop features the galaxy’s best street tacos(…at a low, low price – even if you, like many of my band of merry folk, eat four. – Names will be furnished upon request.).

Later on Fridays, beginning at 4PM singles, couples, foursomes and an occasional darling set of triplets(…kidding) turn out for “Sip and Swing” which typically is defined as nine holes of care-free, eclectic golf followed by a downright delightful gathering at the snack shop. (Some weeks we have a clinic, some we have a tournament with wine tasting stations every third hole! – Check the calendar!) But lest you get the wrong idea about the after party snack shop venue, on Friday evenings, little elves magically transform the area into an outdoor lounge!  If your spouse doesn’t want to play, he/she (that means you, Fran Johnson, Mary Ann Smith and Kathy Giovenco.) can meet us at 6PM at the snack shop “lounge” for incredibly talented and ever-so-fine-looking live music, tasty appetizers, a no host bar and a barrel of fun!  If BOTH of you have not been bitted by the golf bug (…pity the poor souls) you BOTH are welcome to join in at 6PM!

Our new management and staff are knocking themselves out to make us happy – and (Get this!) they are open to fresh new ideas!  In the coming weeks, more events will crop up and you would be well advised to attend. Let’s face it. Now that it has been confirmed that having fun can add years (…or maybe just minutes – who cares?) to your life, and you have a Club where frolicking and festivities are encouraged, why not join in?

And it you can survive shooting 105

Think of all you’ll derive out of being alive! 

… And here is the best part, you have a head start.

If you are among the very “FUN” at heart!


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