Food For Thought – Why you should attend the Taste Of Leucadia on April 2


by Janet Lawless Christ

Mark your calendars because on April 2 between 5:30pm and 8:30pm, the Taste of Leucadia will be happening. (Click Here To Buy Tickets)

Taste of Leucadia Schedule

I’m telling you from personal experience that you that you’ll want to make it over to the coast that Thursday. Enjoy the tasty restaurants, fun retailers, up-and-coming craft beer scene, and the beautifully designed winery that are merging in that area. The Leucadia Main Street Association is doing an amazing job of re-energizing and updating the whole pace of Leucadia, CA.

While raising my own 3 kids in Encinitas, CA during the 1990’s I remember frequently visiting Leucadia because one of their friend’s family owned a condo at the SeaBluffe gated community. For a long time there was really nothing to Leucadia to catch your attention (besides Leucadia Donut Shop, which is still there)

But now there is so much excitement around the area. People are flocking to that northern section of north county San Diego. There’s action happening and its only going to get better and better. The whole scene of Leucadia is taking on a very cool vibe (Follow @republicofencinitas on instagram for proof) that is interesting to people of all ages, not just the surfers, yogis, and young people fresh out of college. [leadplayer_vid id=”550B7487A5CD3″]

In terms of Real Estate, it may be prove wise to start paying attention to Leucadia, CA because it’s also becoming a hot bed for new property valuations and investment opportunities. In the past few years I have started showing more and more properties to my investor clients there, and they are loving it.

What could be better, wake up in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe, and finish off the day a few minutes away with a classic pacific ocean sunset?

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Hope to see you there!

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