Craig Sewing Radio Show Interview


Janet Lawless Christ - Radio Interview on Craig Sewing ShowOn Tuesday April 28, 2015 I was interviewed on the Craig Sewing Radio Show on 1170 AM (San Diego).

As a television and radio personality, Craig is positioned as a “consumer advocate”,  so when he invited myself and my Media & Technology Manager (Brennan Perry) onto the show, he wanted to discuss the North County San Diego real estate market.

Some of the interesting topics we cover during our interviews include:

  • Why San Diego luxury real estate has better value in comparison to Los Angeles and Orange County
  • The role Camp Pendleton has had on the real estate market
  • Why we are in a “Healthy Market”
  • Why Investors should evaluate AirBnb further
  • Cutting edge media and marketing techniques and how they help real estate sales

You can listen to the entire show below, but our interview starts at 43:15

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