Chris Blatt For Rancho Santa Fe School Board


Chris Blatt Rancho Santa Fe School BoardI’d like to introduce you to Chris Blatt, the candidate I am supporting this upcoming election for the Rancho Santa Fe School Board. I met him years ago and have always admired his parenting style and enthusiasm for the community.

He is a family man who resides in the Covenant and has no specific agenda or mission to accomplish. He wants to be someone who listens to the parents and ultimately does what is in the best interest of them and their children. Chris┬ábelieves that is is the school board’s responsibility to balance the inputs of the community to move the school forward and ensure that parents and public are educated on the events and topics so that good decisions can be made.

You can meet him and discuss more on October 21 from 5-7pm on the Terrace of the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club Restaurant.

Elections are on November 4th




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