Breast Cancer Angels Fine Wine & Paul Williams Fundraiser [Timelapse Video]


by Janet Lawless Christ

It was a glorious fundraising day, Monday May 9, 2015 at the private estate of Anthony and Holli Lineau, where nearly 200 community members gathered to raise money for Breast Cancer Angels, and independent 501 (c)(3) organization that is dedicated to giving direct financial and emotional assistance to women, and their families as they go through breast cancer treatment.

Guests strolled amongst the property’s 3 private vineyards, and they were treated to a fabulous array of wine tastings, tasty delights from Sun Dried Tomato Cafe, and the sweet sounds of local musicians – Austin Burns, Emily Drew, and Israel Maldonado, while they performed in separate sections of the estate.
After a blissful afternoon of good cheer for a very good cause, attendees gathered at the estate’s rooftop pavilion for a private concert by Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy award winner, Singer-songwriter Paul Williams. With humor and talent galore, Williams dazzled the audience with engaging array of stories and songs including “we’ve Only Just Begun”, “You and Me Against the World” and crowd favorite “Rainbow Connection”.
In “Rainbow Connection” the lyrics say “Someday we’ll find it. The Rainbow Connection. The lovers, the dreamers, and me” — and that certainly was found that Saturday. The event was completely underwritten, so 100% of all tickets sales went directly Breast Cancer Angels in San Diego.
Breast Cancer Angels originated in Orange County, but when Holli and Anthony Lineau moved to San Diego they discovered it, and they went on to introduce the concept to some of the Rancho Santa Fe, CA community.

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