The Night Billy the Kid Nabbed Our Hearts at the Arts


I cannot fathom a better way to launch my blog about being the penultimate “Raving Fan from Rancho,” than to effervesce over the grand opening of our spanking new Performing Arts Center in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

billy-dean-rancho-santa-feSeriously! Who else, other than the fortunate few “Friends and Citizens of the Covenant” (to borrow a phrase from Josh Hulce) can drive less than 5 minutes, and arrive at a state-of-the arts extraordinaire venue like our new Center? Even though we still need to generate enough donations to purchase theatre seating, the folding chairs did not dampen our spirits as we heralded the first ever opening performance.

Okay, I admit it, I could have been sitting on a bed of nails and wouldn’t have given a toss once Country Singer/Saint, Billy Dean (Envision cross between a stunning Jeff Bridges and..okay I admit it – a Greek God.) took the stage.  The moment he started crooning and his dimple-driven smile settled over the crowd we all were signed, sealed and delivered devotees. He sang his hit, “Somewhere in my Broken Heart” (Yes, you HAVE heard it.), some other sweet songs – one about the very last Indian Head penny, a memoir named “I Miss Billy the Kid” and a passel of other tender tunes. Then he graced us with a sentimental song entitled, “Let Them Be Little.” I am absolutely serious here; he had me so choked up that I thought I could not make it through. Then I took glance at gorgeous Billy and instantly decided I would rather choke than miss a moment of this bliss!

I could rant on. That’s what I do about living here. But suffice it to say that The Performing Arts Center debut was a smash hit. Just another reason to hang your hat in Rancho Santa Fe, Partner! Hopefully we can bring Billy back every year (or month for that matter) for the next millennium or so!

Onto the next adventure…

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