The Better, Modern Wine Spritzer From Solana Beach, CA


by Janet Lawless Christ


Attention Self Proclaimed Wine Lovers : 

Bon Affair Wine Spritzer Sauvignon BlancWhat if I told you there was a wine label that was geared towards making a lighter, everyday wine option that could accommodate and promote a professional, healthy lifestyle? Sounds pretty good right?

Introducing: Bon Affair 

The first time I tried Bon Affair Wine Spritzers was during an event at The Inn At Rancho Santa Fe.

Erin Lane, their “social media maven”  had a tasting table set up and it truly ended up being such an eye-opening and fun discovery. It’s also worth mentioning that I ended up buying a case.

The company was started by Jayla Siciliano, from Solana Beach who courageously left behind her career in pursuit of creating a better, modern spritzer that the wine culture could enjoy.

Talk about taking a big leap.

Bon Affair Mark Cuban Shark TankBon Affair actually has already been funded by Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, which makes me believe that there is true value and credibility behind their brand. They are light, they are bright, and they are made with no sugar (with none of that fake stuff either).

You can enjoy them and not wake up the next day feeling like a mack truck rolled over your head. (We’ve all been there…)

Bon Affair WIne Gift BoxThey also have wonderful packaging, so they also make great gifts for many occasions and with all sorts of people. With the case I bought from Erin, my friends and clients were excited to not only be receiving a gift, but also in discovering a great progressive option for the next time they buy bottle of wine to share with their friends.

Look it up. Bon Affair Wines. You wont regret you did…


(Watch Bon Affair On Shark Tank Here:)


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