3 Heroes at Archis Acres VSAT


The temperature in sunny Rancho Santa Fe tipped 86 degrees today. You want to know why? I think it is because the sun is shining brighter than usual because it is so proud that three American Patriots received their very well deserved scholarships to the VSAT program at Archi’s AcresArchis-Acres--VSAT-Heroes late last week!

I was thrilled and humbled to receive photos of these American Heroes as well as a brief description of each.  Take a moment to read the following bios and you will understand the “humbled” part!

Catherine “Cat” Llanas–She is a USMC helicopter crew chief and veteran of Afghanistan. Preparing to get out of the Corps and will start a heritage breed chicken farm in Florida.

Matt Figurski–USMC combat veteran, Iraq, has purchased a home/farm in Temecula to start his organic produce operation.

Steve Brown–(USMC combat veteran who will be returning to St Louis and starting an organic farm on small plots of public land and other under-utilized property in areas that are food deserts.

…Pretty amazing people indeed!


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